Boston Experimentalist, Rothstein Drops Summertime 'convince me' 

 Evan Dale // May 30, 2020 

Boston hip-hop experimentalist, Rothstein has mastered his understated aesthetic – one that brims with auto-tuned melodic runs and relatable lyricism, yet not in a way that anyone has achieved before. In addition to some new singles earlier in the year, he’s back with convince me – and not a moment too soon. The single’s underlying production breathes of the summertime, and his vocal and lyrical additions to it strengthen that direction even more. Really, it’s signature Rothstein, at this point expected to always bring something instilled with emotion and unendingly unique.


Built on a run of bubbly chords, Rothstein utilizes his auditory aesthetic to soundtrack Summer romance and the hopefulness of soon-come rooftop kickbacks with friends and a whole lot of rosé.