As far-reaching and popular as the mellow, melodic beginnings of Rothstein’s career have been, little information exists whatsoever about the artist or his artistry past the music itself. Aside from his own favorite self-description, “Jackson Browne’s at-risk nephew,” which banner-heads all of his social media accounts, he has steered relatively clear of the limelight in the year since his breakout single, Get Your Shit Together.  But this isn’t VH1, and this isn’t 2005, so maybe, in spite of as much as we have seemed to devolve as a society since that time, artists being appreciated and respected for their art alone is no longer such a wild notion. 


Truth be told, something about the relative anonymity which lends societal weight and career pressures to the strength of his music, actually makes it more intriguing. His sound is of the grungy, over-produced, wavy movements so forcefully self-emitting from Atlanta and Toronto, and the idea behind a quiet, integral artist releasing such emotional and powerful music is not only refreshing, but also adds a breath of relatability for all the quiet, self-contained listeners out there looking for an outlet of their own. 


However it is that Rothstein – whoever he is – came to find his own outlet, we’re just grateful that he continues to put out good music, and we’ll leave him to it. His latest is Yamazaki– a cool, slow-moving track whose mellow tempo in relation to his prior releases provides perhaps his most addicting flow yet. The track achieves its bounce and good vibes through the bubbly, chime-ridden production, meshing seamlessly with the overall laid-back feelings.


Looking forward to more soon, but for now, all we can say is thanks, Rothstein. You’re a class act.