OVO's Roy Woods Drops High Energy Anthem, Shot Again 

 Evan Dale // Jan 27, 2020 

OVO’s Roy Woods is up to something. Without an album since 2017’s Say Less, the melodic hip-hop and R&B transcendentalist fitting of his label’s experimentally futurist definition is due for something big sooner than later. His latest and his first of 2020 is Shot Again and it’s an upbeat, anthemic club banger with the kind of energy and intensity sure to bring his fanbase into focus en route to a new album.


Effortlessly floating between melody and high-speed raps, Woods is able to make Shot Again more than just a high-energy anthem, but a raw exhibition of his skillset – a skillset capable of shaking up hip-hop and R&B at large with more releases like this one.


Keep an ear out for more and check out the Shot Again video below.