One of our favorite artists, South Florida rapper and producer Rzu, channels a series of new directions blending seamlessly with his classic vibe in his new track RZU333. It’s less a single song and more a comprehensive display of his musical ability and range split into different flows, cadences, production, and vocal delivery. From start to finish, one thing is clear: Rzu seems to have a new, darker energy and we love it. Reminiscent of vibes from acclaimed Ontario rapper, Night Lovell, RZU333 is a must-listen for any fan of the low-fi, high-energy hype hop movement.


More than anything, Rzu’s newest release reaffirms his immense versatility and ability to adapt and succeed with different styles – a necessary trait of any rising star in the music scene. 

Check it out here and listen to more on Rzu's spotify below

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