When it comes to touching listeners on a personal and emotional level, there aren’t many better in the business today than Chicago hip-hop artist, Saba. When he released his debut album, Bucket List Project, in 2016, it didn’t take long for him to rise quickly not just within the ultracompetitive ranks of the often-woke Chicago scene, but in the wide-ranged global hip-hop spectrum.


He’s special, no doubt about that. But what makes him special artistically seems to probably be the same thing that makes him unique on a personal level. There’s something open, honest, and relatable that is able to shine through his music, and aside from his impeccable hold on his own lyrical ability and studied ear for impressive production, it’s the one thing that separates him most from the pack.


His latest single, Busy, is an introspective look at loneliness and the struggles of maintaining relationships amidst great life changes. A relatable topic and a relatable song that adds to the existing anticipation for his next album.


Hop on board now folks, because when that next project does come, Saba, with the help from tracks like Busy, will be launched into the hip-hop stratosphere.