SAÍGO's Decadence is Rich in Experimental Soul

 Evan Dale // Sep 5, 2019 

SAIGO - Decadence.jpg

Los Angeles based future R&B artist, SAÍGO always delivers an unendingly interesting aesthetic built on vocal softness and mellow production. His latest is Decadence and falls in line with his emotive, silky expectation. Riding the rails of a deep bassline and ghostly vocal play, the track definitely owns a texture unique even amongst his own canon. Its production is mesmerizing and encapsulating of late-night energies, and in its wavering breakdowns, SAÍGO’s delivery never falters in recapturing a listener’s attention. Decadence is dark, moody, and embracing of the mystery of less-than-sober nights out. And in that ability to recreate memories mostly forgotten, and rich in its experimental wave, Decadence lives up to its name and continues to make SAÍGO one of the more interesting names in future R&B’s difficult-to-define soundscape.