SAINt JHN Invites Lenny Kravitz for Artsy Borders Video 

 Evan Dale // Nov 28, 2019 

SAINt JHN - Borders Video.jpg

SAINt JHN is a man that never ceases surprising. When Collection One – his debut album – dropped in the Spring of 2018, it was an evolutionary step of hip-hop that had never really been explored to that point. His ability to blend his up-tempo energy – paralleled by only a few rappers in the modern scene – with his understated knack for vocalism and emotive songwriting was uncanny even in a musical moment that prioritizes range and stylistic transcendence above all else. As more singles, videos, and an undeniably unique social media persona began to be unearthed, it became obvious that his sophomore album was going to be another something special.


Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs was more than that.  


A silky, sultry, and emotional exploration of modern R&B from the lens of a budding hip-hop icon, the album was unpredictable, unmatched, and invited an even wider ranging audience into his inventive midst. In the months since, an Ignorant Forever tour has grown his cult following even more. And now, his latest delivery is another stark change of pace.


Taken from Ghetto Lenny’s Love SongsBorders is a particular standout not only as an addicting ballad of emotionally relatable recluse, but as a collaboration with his nickname’s namesake. And now, Lenny Kravitz and SAINt JHN are on screen together for the first time. The Borders video is gorgeous. Shrouded in black, white, and chrome reflection, our two protagonists in the accompaniment of a pair of bold choreographers make for a simple, but polished set of visuals. The outfits are stunning, that shots are crisp, the vocals are emotive, the dancing is showstopping, and the entire thing emerges as one of the most unique videos of 2019.