SAINt JHN’s young collection of music is thus far limited, but his small canon has never failed to brim with high-energy, genre-transcendent bangers that everyday push the boundaries of not just hip-hop, but music as a whole. If you’re unfamiliar with his music, it’s time to become acquainted. His sound exists somewhere between the grungy, low-fi levels of his native Brooklyn underground and the Caribbean-inspired, synthy waves constantly expanding outwards from its Toronto’s epicenter.


His newest release, Litt Last Night, though displaying a bubblier, less grimy side of his sound, is still the kind of jam that is making SAINt JHN one of the artists who will soon become one of the most important names in the hip-hop realm.


His debut album is set to release soon, and Litt Last Night proves his sound is more varied and will attract an even wider audience than we already thought it would. Don’t sleep.