SAINt JHN Surprises with Oceanside Visuals for Unreleased Single, 'Ransom' 

 Evan Dale // May 21, 2020 

SAINt JHN doesn’t miss. Whether you love him for his high-energy hip-hop bangers, his romantic R&B sensitivities, or his perfect skin (bless-up to drinking water), the man is an enigma of genre-transcendent musicality that embodies what it is to defy boundaries in a modern hip-hop centric sphere celebrating exactly that. Musically, fashionably – he’s an icon.


And from the gold mine of his Ghetto Lenny One Takes YouTube Playlist that sees him dowsed in Blue-Orange Adobe presets, premiering singles and visuals à la grown-man Tik Tok, comes Ransom. The unreleased single serves itself beautifully to the GLOT Collection, granting SAINt JHN’s silhouette a very lonely feel during these times of isolation. But if you must be quarantined, why not be quarantined in an oceanside mansion making godly art, right?


The result is another hip-hop-R&B audiovisual blendaline masterpiece, worthy of the emotional prowess of his 2019 album, Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs, yet not lacking the energy-infusing charisma of his presence. It evokes emotions lonely enough to be a quarantine anthem, yet will transfer deliciously to another romantic collection of his future’s choosing. For that – the continued music, entertainment, and ever-iconic look – we agree with you, SAINt JHN: you are too handsome to be held Ransom.