Sango has done it again. The world-renowned, industry-acclaimed, and fan-beloved producer who has never misstepped, takes perhaps his biggest stride forward with In The Comfort Of. In a career defined by an impeccable, impossible to replicate style and the ever-burning presence of music's brightest and most burgeoning stars, Sango has remained as bold and risky in his creative decision making as he has influential and important on the greater music scene. 


Though the album is certainly his, its greatest strength, like most of the work throughout his career, is that it isn't his alone. It's not to say that Sango himself isn't an unbelievable artist worthy of his fame and following, but his uncanny knack for connecting with the artists that so frequently feature his music is what makes him an incomparable, monumental force. From the striking instrumental tracks, to the perfectly orchestrated vocal collaborations, a precise balance is struck throughout the album, making a hierarchy of quality or preference non-existent. 


Specifically, In The Comfort Of feels like a long, complicated love story, dotted with lifts of romance and sexuality, pitfalls of devastation and heartbreak, and an underlying tone of solace, acceptance, and most of all, comfortability. And in that comfort exists its ability to stretch far and wide as a relatable message that can be felt according to the state of the listener's heart. 


Heartfelt, a word that is probably used too often, is the adjective earned by Sango and his collection of collaborators who specialize in their ability to tug at the heartstrings of others. Together, they make In The Comfort Of a celebration of romance, good music, and their inseparable bond.