$avvy, Mike Floss & SECK Team Up for Lighthearted Nashville Visuals, 'Bag/Purse' 

 Evan Dale // July 28, 2020 

Get SECK on your radar. Put $avvy on there, too. The pair of Nashville creatives – a director and a rapper, respectively – are here with their collaborative effort on the visuals for $avvy’s earlier 2020 hit, Bag/Purse. Comical braggadocio has always found its home in the hip-hop spectrum, and from the impossibly wide-ranging up-and-coming hip-hop hotbed that is Nashville, it only makes sense that a young cat with a lot to give is emerging as their outlandish hype-hop star. Adjacent to his rise is SECK’s. The director has quickly become a sought-after authority on telling the visual story behind the excitement of the Nashville scene. Obviously, his collaboration with $avvy is fluid.


Bag/Purse’s video brims with the same marriage of down-to-earth, home-grown nostalgia and creative, risk-taking professionalism that we’ve come to expect from SECK’s prior work with artists like Ron Obasi, Brian Brown, JORDAN Xx, and Jxdece. Seeing our protagonist, and featuring wordsmith, Mike Floss, around a bookshop, plant shop, and of course, a thrift shop, SECK puts together a quick-cutting and hilarious visual fitting of the original banger.