One-man hip-hop conglomerate – rapper, vocalist, producer, video director, editor – Sean Leon, is back as he always seems to be, with something refreshing, new, and proving once again that there is no feasible way to box him in. His newest single, 90 BPM­, fresh on the heels of well-received 3-track EP, Leaving Soon and high-energy single, Money Machine, takes an entirely unrecognizable approach. It’s a funky, soft vocal-driven jam exhibiting not Leon’s progressive, violent bars, but a calm, clean side to his persona and his music. And with this new territory comes new expectations, and Leon has no trouble ticking the boxes to make sure that all expectations are exceeded. Top-tier production. Unique vocal delivery. Bold new direction for an artist already proven in so many realms.


We love to see an artist push their own boundaries and love it even more when it comes together as good as this. Keep pushing this direction for a while, Mr. Leon. We’d love to see where it takes you.