When a new track pops up blessed with the stamp of a THEMpeople production, there is no excuse not to listen. The Chicago creative collective spearheaded by fellow producer and vocalist, THEmind, has a track record that few can match. Frequently collaborating with Chicago and St. Louis elite, Chance the Rapper, Smino, Noname, Ravyn Lenae, and Mick Jenkins, THEMpeople have bolstered a reputation as some the Midwest’s most influential and important artists.


As expected, their new collaborative effort with wavy St. Louis hip-hop and R&B enigma, Sean Deaux, and featuring a Chicago artist worthy of a similar description, Jayaire Woods, is nothing short of addicting and energetic. The mild, undertone delivery laid down by Sean Deaux blends smoothly with the more explosive and vibrant vocals from Woods, coming together with a perfectly minimalist and non-invasive beat and proudly boasting a strong and memorable performance on the hook that will keep listeners returning to the track for the foreseeable future.


A strong showing from all artists on board, the track, titled Iceberg Slim, is a low-key banger that seems to rally its confidence and intrigue more with each listen.