Transcendent Soulstress, Seyu Drops Poppy, Emotive 213 

 Evan Dale // Feb 24, 2020 

Experimental LA artist, Seyu is one of the more well-rounded musicians of the underground fold. Effortlessly transitioning between soulful vocals and occasional bouts of hip-hop delivery, she also writes, composes, produces, records and mixes every aspect of each of her releases. And though it’s been a while since we caught up with the independent soulstress (check out lll & R Love), her newest track is, like all her music, worth the attention of anyone willing to listen.


213 feels very upbeat – teetering on Lana Del Rey inspiration – but loses nothing musically curious to its more pop-adjacent lane. A deep, layered electronic beat builds a foundation for Seyu to play with her expansive vocal range, and the outcome is perhaps her most accommodating single to date, able to be enjoyed and appreciated by anyone listening from fans of the mainstream and electro-pop to soul and R&B. 


If you like what you hear, check out the rest of her catalogue.