Seyu's lll Intrigues, Experiments, and Defies Musical Genre

 Evan Dale // Aug 18, 2018 

There is no information detailing Seyu as anything but a supremely dynamic musician who independently writes, composes, produces, performs, records, mixes, and shares every step of her creative process. It’s artists like her that make it worth questioning the validity of fame earned in the music industry as any sort of gauge for talent and pure creative ability. You see, she has (at this moment) 171 followers on SoundCloud, but her three-track release, lll is one of the more vibrant and downright unique projects that we can recall. 


Because there is nothing really like her sound, it’s difficult to even put into words what it is she’s making. Subtle twists and turns slicing each track into sets of symphonic exhibitions make the project feel full-length, and the dedicated approach with which they’re taken make it a masterpiece. There are few if any projects of any styling or length that meet lll’s quality, and certainly none that boast its inventiveness. 


And she’s done it all herself.


An era of post-genrefication is something we touch on a lot, but Seyu’s lll is the first project we’ve ever heard that feels built on nearly no foundation of a smusic’s past. Yet, if it’s any sign of music’s near future, we’re due for a new renaissance.


The only way to understand is to listen.