Cinematic Electronic Artist, Shmuck the Loyal Maximizes with Hypervade

 Evan Dale // Sep 22, 2019 

Shmuck the Loyal - Hypervade.png

Cut from the experimental underground of Nashville – a myriad incubator of creative eclecticism flowering far beyond the reach of cliché country music – multitalented artist, Brennan Larsen makes cinematic production under the name Shmuck the Loyal. The talented photographer and cinematographer focuses on intensity and passion that manifest themselves in his electronic maximalism. Vivid key strokes, productive tidiness, and explosive changes of pace delineate at a grand scale his latest project, Hypervade


The EP, at only four tracks and 12 minutes, is experimental and bold in its texture without sacrificing any sort of the cleanliness that make Shmuck’s sound unendingly modern in its perfectionism and theatric exploration. If any particular track is a standout to us, it’s got to be Kyra. Listening to its trap-influenced energy and cinematic phase changes make it sound like we’re listening to the soundtrack to Euphoria.