From London, Sidiq's Lose is Neo-Soul's Next Winner

 Evan Dale // May 11, 2019 

Sidiq - Lose.png

London is a cradle of vocal genius and Sidiq might just one day lay claim to the throne of it all. The talented soul vocalist is a newcomer in every sense, boasting a canon of just four singles dating back to last year. But those singles, spearheaded by his latest, Lose, are proof of his quick and steady growth. Defined first and foremost by his subtle, gentle range, second by his emotionally-relatable knack for writing, and third by his affinity for raw instrumentation, Sidiq finds himself at the crossroads of neo-soul and something altogether more widely and popularly enticing. Lose is a vulnerable ballad counterbalanced by a piercing guitar breakdown and an explosive falsetto in closing that display the breadth of his range. 


That range in harmony with the chorus, repeatable and addicting by nature, proves him a force to be reckoned with as neo-soul continues to break ground into the popular mainstream.