UK Duo Silk Cinema Continues Positive Parade to Electronica's Future with Golden 

 Evan Dale // Jul 31, 2018 

It’s not easy to exist within the confines of a mystery-funk-relatability triangle, but smack dab in the middle is where you’ll find our latest auditory crush, Silk Cinema. The UK duo’s energetic yet soothing positivism is exactly what all of us need on our bad days, as well as our good. Eight single releases over the course of the past year or so have earned them a uniquely firm yet bubbly foundation and found them a place in many a playlist for warm weather outings and electro-funk modernism. 


The duo are here to revive a fallen scene of bubbly, heartwarming, and energy-relevant electronica where a swath of their fellow countrymen made a charge through music just a half-decade ago. Picking up right where the Tourist / Disclosure / Bondax explosion left off and adding a more low-key instrumentalist, modern twist has placed Silk Cinema’s sonic texture, with their apropos synth tones and upbeat, jazzy vocals, at the forefront of the direction that we hope vocally-supported electronic production to head. Golden, their latest release, just might be their best yet.