SiR wants to Remain Laid-Back with Long-Awaited Return, Hair Down

 Evan Dale // Aug 8, 2019 

SiR - Hair Down.png

In an era marked if not primarily driven by the workings of R&B, neo-soul, hip-hop and their experimental coalescence, TDE’s SiR is a name that every fan of music is waiting on with bated breath. His 2018 project, November was one of the year’s most important, introducing his refined vision and permanently silky, laid-back sonic demeanor to the upper echelon of R&B. And as seemingly the rest of the top vocal tier – Daniel Caesar, Raveena, Leven Kali, Mahalia, Snoh Aalegra, The Weeknd, Dijon, McClenney, BJ The Chicago Kid, and many, many more – have delivered at least a barrage of singles if not full-length projects in November’s wake, SiR has remained pensively quiet. But that changed today. 


Hair Down isn’t just SiR’s return to the limelight, it’s his first release in more than a year-and-a-half, and one that brings in tow the always skilled, dynamic poeticism of TDE teammate and modern hip-hop overlord, Kendrick Lamar. Hair Down is an exploration of SiR’s desire to remain effortlessly himself while the eyes of the music world watch. 


‘Baby, I’m just tryna let my hair down. Everybody’s watching, I’m aware now. But I can’t find a reason a should care now’


His signature falsetto bleeds nothing but truth, as it always does, and brings to mind questionings of whether or not we should all be pushing so hard for another SiR project as soon as possible. Dichromatically, Hair Down is a statement: one that creatively proves his vocal prowess and unforgeable sound is stronger than ever – inviting all of our opinions on more production from him, while at the same time making a very black and white point that he has no intention of rushing anything out.


He’s cooling, and per TDE’s obsession with perfectionism, there’s a chance we still have quite some ways to go. But in the meantime, just do what SiR would do, let your hair down, and let Hair Down quench your thirst for more.