Skizzy Mars, our favorite perpetually innocent bringer of youthful hip-hop vibes, is back at it again with the are you OK? EP. The project which emotionally unfolds as a sort of high-energy coming-of-age tale, is a quality reprisal for an artist whose signature sound has loomed as a symbol of uncertainty in the ever-changing hip-hop scene since his last project of any length, Alone Together, in 2016. 


Only a few singles had been released in the window since, and though of the same unmistakably relatable and approachable style that we've grown accustomed to over the years, there was some question as to how Skizzy's sound would hold up in an era where the ultra-hype, the low-fidelity, and the socially conscious extremes act as the pillars supporting hip-hop's grandiose platform. 


But, with the release of are you OK? it's clear that Skizzy will be more than simply so. Through its entirety, the EP screams of a young angst coming to terms with a more adult acceptance. Both musically and personally, Skizzy hones a certain level of newfound maturity while still holding true to his roots in the realm of the adolescently relevant. 


Much of it is spoken from the past tense, battling the scars on his memory cut from the claws of love, lust, indulgence, success, and loss. But most importantly, the whole EP is spoken from a point of reflection, internal resolution, and an underlying tone of looking towards the future. 


To it, the future perhaps seems brighter than ever for the still youthful Mars who, through his entire approach on are you OK? - lyrically, vocally, and in production - is able to channel a style akin to a young Kid Cudi. 


As hip-hop continues to evolve and as his clean-cut approach becomes increasingly more rare, Skizzy too may come to inspire a youthful movement of positivity and realism simply by being a personal point of empathy and relatability for his vast, global fan base.