It’s lovely to see an artist whose work ethic is rarely paralleled in the modern scene reaching a continuation of new heights personally, artistically, and professionally nearly a decade into their career. And not only is Skizzy Mars in the midst of just such a canon moment at this time in history, he’s also coupling it with a stride for good tidings and self-renaissance. 


He has, since the time he first broke significant ground with the 2011 releases of Profound and Douchebag, been an artist who errs on the side of positivity in hip-hop. But, as has been made public by all artists of the arena from Kid Cudi to KYLE and everyone in between, the bubbly, fun-loving players of the hip-hop game are oftentimes the ones suffering the most at a personal scale. But with their efforts in making transparent such personal issues, hip-hip has seen an explosion of open conversation relating to issues like mental health and drug abuse that has seen its way into being even a cornerstone of Kanye West’s newest project, Ye.


But don’t confuse the fact that we admire what the Skizzy Mars platform stands for as our reasoning to promote his new track, Jugamos. We’re promoting Jugamos because it’s a vibrantly creative, impossibly addicting summer single that makes us all went to get out, enjoy the sweet sunshine, and play. 


Feliz Cumpleaños, Señor Skizzy.