Where does Skizzy Mars fit into the modern hip-hop scene? His good guy persona, approachable lyricism, and predictable delivery leave us questioning whether he fits at all, or whether he’s the breath of fresh air that an especially dark, grimy, low-fi saturated game could use. It’s hard to tell with Skizzy Mars and it always has been. Hip-hop was much different when he first made waves with Profound and Douchebag back in 2011 and as much as it’s changed in the years since, Skizzy Mars has remained consistent.


To be expected, Skizzy’s most recent release, 2006, sounds a lot like Skizzy always has. And once again, it’s hard to tell whether that’s a good thing or not. There is something revering but simultaneously alarming about hyper-consistency. It’s fair to say that Skizzy Mars is a talented rapper with a unique sound, but it’s also fair to assume that we’re not going to be surprised by anything he does.


If you’ve never listened to Skizzy Mars, I urge you to check out his latest release. It’s a well written, cleanly produced, uniquely delivered jam that discusses everyday emotions like love and jealousy at a relatable scale. But then, I urge you to listen to any of the works from the rest of his collection and tell me if you find something different. Bets are that you won’t.

Listen to 2006 here. It's the lead single off an upcoming project that we're hoping surprises