Skizzy Mars is Expectedly Summery with Beach Anthem, Calabasas

 Evan Dale // June 28, 2019 

Skizzy Mars - Calabasas.png

Skizzy Mars’ music only exists in Summertime. Even in the peak of winter, his music envelopes warm-weather vibes and delivers its listeners straight to a sonic beach. Some artists are just able to exude particular aesthetics, and for years Skizzy Mars and his music have been experiencing an endless tide of windows-down, sunshiny drives. His latest, Calabasas is cut of the same cloth. 


‘40 acres by the beach but she wanna sit in the pool’exclaims one of the track’s opening lines, setting the stage for exactly what we’ve come to expect. To accompany it, a vibrant, chime-and-bass beat allows for Skizzy to deliver his usual set of humorous puns, singsongy chorus, and repeatable bubble rap Summer lines that make us wish we were all in the kind of California environment that constantly inspires his music.