An empowering and uplifting sense of triumph underlines the entire length of Slow Magic's new EP, AWAY. The mysteriously inviting producer who leads the charge of his cult-like audience with his one-of-a-kind, energy-driven childhood reminiscence, has no trouble putting on a four-track clinic on the art of igniting colorful, sonic fireworks with modern electronic composition. 


There has always been something intangible in his music. Some kind of auditory déja vu seems to build the foundation of his entire canon, but with recent projects, the long-forgotten memories that he so accurately displays through the pounding of snare drums and the explosions of synthesizer keys, seem to be happier ones. Perhaps less bittersweet memory and more elated foresight, it only makes sense that his newest work is of the positive stream of mind on the heels of his marriage to longtime partner and fellow producer, Dream Angel. 


Congratulations, by the way. 


Congratulations are also in order for what AWAY has artistically proven for Slow Magic. It has displayed that through the near-impossibility of sustained relevance in the electronic music circuit, through the bold, impossible to replicate design of his own auditory aesthetic, and through a slow but steady and apparent shift in mood driven by love behind the mask, Slow Magic has never failed to deliver unique, beautiful music.