Smino has been uniquely driving the vehicle of his unparalleled oddity for years now, but the post blckswn era has seen his name shone in deservedly blinding lights, leaving him to become a particularly influential figure on the entire modern music scene. Rightfully so, each and every verse he releases with every unexpected cadence shift and each undeniably bouncy vibe, garners a whole lot of attention. And his latest, an A-side / B-side effort, 4sport, is as fun and lively as it is simultaneously noteworthy and artistic. Long story short, its simply Smino.


The first track, in my chillin, opens a clever cadence play on In My Feelings, leaving Smino’s clear and present mark on the universal obsession, slowly evolving into a lyrically-superior tear apt of Smino’s classic flow.


The second, coupe se’ yern, is fit to become a global hit in its right. Riding a downtempo, mysterious beat, Smino unapologetically attacks the production from all sides, leaving the listener to only find comfort and relatability in its chorus.


The timely release, his first since NEW COUPE, WHO DIS, and every bit as dripping in sause, which successfully takes advantage of the emerging A-side / B-side trend is hopefully hinting at more new music, maybe even project, on the horizon.

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