Smino is Getting High 4 Da Highladays with Christmas Special Duo 

 Evan Dale // Dec 25, 2019 

Smino - High 4 Da Highladays.jpg

As if 2019 didn’t already belong to Smino’s top-to-bottom, The St. Louis – Chicago wordsmith and master of cadence is closing out his year with a Christmas Special. And even unincluding everything else he’s done this year – the guest spots on most of 2019’s the most important projects and the pair of singles – High 4 Da Highladays stands strong on its own as an undeniably hilarious, yet still definitive addition to his canon. 


Seasonal hip-hop deliveries have always been rooted in ridiculousness, and Smino’s is no different. But, just like the great hip-hop Noel collections to come before it – think Gucci Mane’s East Atlanta Santa, and DRAM’s #1HAPPYHOLIDAY – High 4 Da Highladays – a present two-pack – is simply really good music. So, roll one up for Santa, be thankful for hip-hop, and prepare yourself for a decade about to be run by Smino and his collaborator and fellow industry creative untouchable, Masego.