Smino Continues Redefining Hip-Hop with Cadence Experiment, TEMPO 

 Evan Dale // Mar 14, 2020 

En route from one project to another, the most creative man in hip-hop over the last few years, Smino, has released a handful of tracks testing the boundaries of what cadence and tempo mean to a genre that is more reliant on the skillsets than any other. His newest single attacks exactly that notion. 


With TEMPO, the Smi-E-O of experimental rap is putting on grand display just how unrepeatably unique his approach to music is. A conglomerate of unpredictable, but always fitting cadence shifts and flow explosions, TEMPO emerges another anthemic, inventive, and ultimately influential single. As he continues to put them out, and with the world in isolation, it’s only a matter of time before Smino’s next project is another underrated, influential attack on how we understand hip-hop and music at large, and how he aims and continues to succeed in reinventing it.