Snoh Aalegra Returns with Silky, Sorrowful Anthem, 'DYING 4 YOUR LOVE' 

 Evan Dale // July 20, 2020 

With her first non-remix, non-feature release since acclaimed 2019 album, Ugh, Those Feels Again, the unparalleled Snoh Aalegra is back with new single, DYING 4 YOUR LOVE. Expectedly, it's an anthemic ballad. The soulstress has never fallen short of embodying that side of timeless R&B, nor has she fallen short anywhere during her creative rise. Instead, she’s been vividly groundbreaking in her knack for merging the tenets of soul and R&B with a unique aesthetic that sees everything from her register to her production bring to life generations of R&B explorations.


DYING 4 YOUR LOVE falls in the more heartbroken edge of her canon. And at a time when there are oh, so many reasons to feel a touch downtrodden, the track breathes of relatable emotionality at a scale few others across music’s spectrum can hope to equal.


Again setting her apart, is the single’s accompanying music video. Like her entire collection of videos to come before it, the visuals for DYING 4 YOUR LOVE merge simple moments that feel inspired by film with dynamic graphics, and of course, jealousy-inducing outfit choices.