Snoh Aalegra is on a Silky, Emotional Mission to Change the World

 Evan Dale // June 18, 2019 

Snoh Aalegra - Find Someone Like You.png

Snoh Aalegra is on a silky, emotionally stirring mission to change the world into a romantic and musically inventive dream. Her three 2019 singles to date have all in different ways set the stage for that dream to be one colored by vivid love, twisted with creative risks, and merged in the stylistic R&B nuances of the new, the now, and the altogether unexplored. 


Find Someone Like You is the latest undertaking bursting with her subtle register and explosive range. Riding the rails of a deep and complex instrumental line bubbling over with a spectrum of playful key strokes, wavering string sections, and a jazzy drum kit, Find Someone Like You builds both musically and emotionally throughout until the vibrant emotionality and epic power of a choir backing explodes in harmony and leaves everyone listening on the verge of lovestruck tears. 


Between I Want You AroundYou, and Find Someone Like You, it’s starting to seem that if Snoh Aalegra is working towards a larger project it’s going to change not only R&B, but all of music moving forward.