The Incomparable Snoh Aalegra Keeps it Minimalist & Emotional w/ You

 Evan Dale // April 4, 2019 

Snoh Aalegra - You.png

Snoh Aalegra is masterful in maneuvering the many lanes down which she so creatively embarks. Whether belting emotion-ridden vocals or those that are subdued yet retaining of their emotional breadth; Whether delineating the inner workings of those emotions, always centered around the challenging arena of love; Whether experimenting with downplayed, minimalist instrumentation, or exploring the auditory aesthetic of R&B’s golden era, she always finds a way to uniquely succeed in unearthing something timeless. 


Her latest single, You, which comes following last month’s I Want You Around, equals in emotional intensity and experimentally redefining R&B, but does so in a completely different way. Built upon watery synths and electric guitar riffs, the track holds the feel of the kind of late-90’s R&B anthem that made eternal legends out of Aaliyah and Pretty Ricky. And not to be taken lightly, her vocals do the same. Building throughout the track to consistently more powerful and edgy explosions of her always emerging vocal talent, You is genius in Aalegra’s signature minimalist texture, while holding true as a powerhouse, defining track that finds fans throughout a wide-range of music.