Dpat, Atu & Brent Faiyaz - Sonder - Electronic R&B - What You Heard

 Evan Dale // Mar 8, 2019 

As R&B and neo-soul have pushed their way into the forefront of the most innovative and emerging genres in music, they’ve done so by being open and embracing of particularly experimental and futurist routes. None over the past couple years have been more defining of a bold shift in R&B than Sonder. The experimental trio composed of Brent Faiyaz and producers Dpat and Atu, have redefined what R&B really stands for and blended it with a particularly downtempo electronic cut that makes it some of the more standout and rare music in recent memory. With new single, What You Heard, they continue their bold and ever-adjusting route, delivering a track as mellow as it is moody, as sensual as it is saddened by the emotional vocals of Faiyaz.