Sonn & EYUKALIPTUS Team Up for Ambient, Emotional Lonely

 Evan Dale // June 21, 2019 

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 8.49.50 AM.png

The mellow subtleties of Sonn’s production have long laid the foundation for talented vocalists to juxtapose his ambience. The London producer’s work with Ayelle has been stylistically transcendent and bold while his solo deliveries have never failed to instill quiet emotions in his listeners.


New York multidimensionalist, EYUKALIPTUS has forged a path all his own with experimental production bouncing in and out of his even-keeled vocal delivery, never failing to be one of the more unique talents in the peripheral electronic sphere. 


In collaboration, the two have released Lonely, a quiet, contemplative masterpiece merging their very different yet very complimentary takes on music into one of the more accurate auditory representations of introspection heard in memory. It’s a masterful exhibition of Sonn’s ability to do so much even as such a minimalist composer in equal weight of being a vivid display of EYUKALIPTUS’ knack to bring an emotional wave in tow with his vocals and penmanship. Nearly fitting the description of soul, R&B, and electronic without actually being delineated to any of the three, Lonely is one of the more sonically inventive tracks of the year.