Sonn’s ‘Something, Safe’ Shines with Introspective Melancholy

 Evan Dale // Aug 27, 2020 

There’s something in the textural mellow of Sonn that feels addicting and necessary not only buried in the mire of these uncertain times, but at any moment when that need for escape, too, is pressing. The underlining tame of the producer’s aesthetic is one defined by meandering keystrokes, slow progressions, and the calming nature in his featuring vocalists. It’s something that seems to stem directly from the personality of an artist that, we must assume, is a laid-back experimentalist making music from the most natural of creative spaces.


Prolific, Sonn is in constant collaboration with other producers and vocalists, releasing short projects like last year’s Small with Ayelle and this year’s GOOD COMPANY with HANZ and ford. For his latest, however, his is the lone consistent force driving the duration of the project, and in result, Something, Safe is a compositionally fluid, pocket-sized masterpiece sure to stir some emotional moments of introspection within its listeners.


Beginning to end, its largest stylistic deviations come at the hands of its featuring vocalists. Where Rumours rides an upbeat, pop-adjacent route born from Lonatlius’s light-hearted versing, These Days featuring T. Evann, and About You featuring Tamu Massif boast of a more introverted quiet. For its other two incusions: Colours and Something, Safe, Sonn explores the range of his own creative identity, pedestalling a coalescence between the effervescence of his production and the mellow, understated underlining of his own vocals.


Through and through, Something, Safe emerges as necessary moment of calm and cool; of introspection and emotion; another brash example of Sonn’s unapologetic merging of music and personal subconscious thought.