Sonn & T. Evann Link Up for Laid-Back Summer Anthem, 'These Days' 

 Evan Dale // Aug 3, 2020 

To call Sonn a minimalist would be an insult to the complexity in his juggling of intricate subtleties. The 21-year-old producer has been making waves as the frame maker for an extensive list of accompanying vocalists for years. Eternally tethered with a mellow aesthetic and a collection of downtrodden emotionality, his music, though not minimal, certainly breathes of a calm, rainy day nuance instead.


His latest, These Days, draws in yet another master of the mellow, T. Evann, whose work overtop Sonn’s delicate guitar and keystroke beat is nothing if not a cohesive match. Once the single picks up its drum kit, it evolves from being a one-sided slide down the slippery slopes of sadness and into a laid-back, late Summer anthem worthy of sunny evenings, rainy days, and everything in between.