Spillage Village Continue to Push Towards Album with Lyrically Dominant 'Baptize' 

 Evan Dale // Sep 7, 2020 

By their very makeup, Spillage Village are one of the more uniquely well-rounded conglomerates in all of music. One of the only larger collaborative units that can match them is the one that many of them also call home to: Dreamville. EARTHGANG & JID in particular drive the experimental hip-hop core of their greater direction, and the two entities come together for the newest Spillage Village single, Baptize. Lyrically dominant, Baptize is a display of just how unparalleled EARTHGANG – Johnny Venus (Olu) and Doctur Dot (Wowgr8) – and JID are when it comes to hyper-lyrical rap. But it doesn’t stop there.


Baptize is also a display of just how experimentally key all three artists to the changing direction not only of the Atlanta guard, but to hip-hop’s greater direction at large. There might be a single or two left before the drop of SPILLIGION – their forthcoming album – on September 25, so hop on board now.