Starbuck Unearths Lightheartedness in Remix of JMSN's Inferno

 Evan Dale // May 29, 2019 

Starbuck - Inferno Remix.png

JMSN’s 2018 album, Velvet was undoubtedly one of our favorites from all of last year. A transcendent display of instrumentation and vocals, fusing classic soul and funk with modern R&B and production techniques, Velvet was a clean sonic representation of its name. Though pulling particular tracks from the album makes for a nearly impossible choice, Inferno, a funk-strewn sex anthem not of this era and not of this world, holds a special place in the timeless annals of groovy history.


Being such a key piece of Velvet, of JMSN’s canon, and of funk singles at large, any attempt to grant it a new identity via the remix is a lofty undertaking. Any remake cut has to achieve a couple of things: unearthing something altogether new and unexplored in the original while honoring what made it great in the first place. And Starbuck’s remastery of Inferno just does that. 


Pulling JMSN’s absurd range from the original cut and weaving in a spectacular series of subtle tropic keys and experimental synths, Starbuck turns the funky track into a lighter, more summery display, showing what JMSN’s voice is capable of achieving when removed from his traditional affinity for funky basslines and organic instrumentation. The result is inventive, warm, and altogether respectful of Inferno’s original identity.