Still Woozy Keeps Things Mellow with Summertime Anthem, 'BS' 

 Evan Dale // Sep 11, 2020 

Still Woozy is one of the more unique mellow pop rooted experimentalists in all of music, no BS. And his latest single, his second of the year and second since the release of his 2019 debut EP, Lately, is another sunshiny, smooth exploration of new sounds mixed into his established foundation.


A dauntingly consistent vocal flow and an effortless blend of the analogue and the digital in production, BS is emotionally reminiscent of introspective late Summer evenings spent on rooftops. And if that isn’t specific enough for you, just take a listen and make your own situational application of Still Woozy’s fluttering emotion and warm vocal runs. Trust us when we say, that BS, and really all of Still Woozy’s canon to this point, belong somewhere in your playlist.