Still Woozy, Omar Apollo & Elujay Combine forces for Sweet Ipanema

 Evan Dale // May 2, 2019 

Still Woozy - Ipanema.png

There wouldn’t be enough space on an entire full-length album for Still Woozy, Omar Apollo, and Elujay to collectively display their individual and collaborative talent, and though two minutes begs for at least another 60, it leaves nothing else to be desired. The sign of perfectly inventive and complimentary geniuses. Ipanema is a warm-weather, romantic track worthy of the Rio de Janeiro neighborhood for which it’s named and gives in equal measure, space for each artist to shine their delectable vibes overtop a signature bubbly Still Woozy piece of production. 


Amongst a trio of transcendent creatives, Omar Apollo stands alone as the most wide-ranging, and his verse – sandwiched between an expectedly light-hearted bit of dark poetry from Still Woozy and a romantically in-tune half-minute from Elujay – sounds, akin to all of his work, like nothing to come before it. 


To say the least, the track is smooth, undertone, and relaxed. It’s a springtime anthem the likes of which we’ve been getting a lot from throughout April and May, but the lineup of which is completely unmatched by any two minutes of 2019 so far. Be on the lookout for more from all three prolific artists, but Still Woozy in particular as he dances towards the release of his Lately EP