Still Woozy Delivers Plethora of Vibes on Bold, 5-Track EP, Lately

 Evan Dale // May 5, 2019 

Still Woozy - Ipanema.png

Still Woozy, without a lot of time, a large canon, or a debut album, has been able to earn his position as one of the more transcendent and influential mellow pop futurists in the world. Akin to the indefinability and brash, poppy experimentalism of acts like Gus Dapperton, the juxtaposition of mystère and relatability that drives his artistic direction is tantalizing to an increasingly open-minded modern audience. And he just keeps getting better and more refined with each release. 


The latest of which, a five-track EP, Lately, is another small yet impeccable step for an artist quickly becoming one of the more sought after collaborators and creatives of the Internet music era. 


Lately only pulls into frame two new songs – Foolsong & Maybe She – but, as a whole, the EP also shines its leading three singles – Lava, Ipanema, & Habit – in a new, more collective, deeper light. Unsurprisingly, cool, positivist, and extraordinarily mellow vibes drive the entirety of the project with tracks seldom escaping a range from comfortably melancholy to warmly bubbly, and that’s what makes it a perfect late spring, early summer collective.