Still Woozy's Summery Sound Returns with 'Window' 

 Evan Dale // April 20, 2020 

Something about the time that has passed since Still Woozy released his last music – about this time last year with debut project, Lately – feels right. A sound such as his, so aesthetically warm and so situationally fit for Summertime get-togethers skips the Winter months with a feeling of agile righteousness. Further, it returns with a feeling of applicable suitability in all ways excluding the quarantine and how much Window makes us want to enjoy the company of others without a transparent veil of glass and a painfully opaque veil of distance in between. Nonetheless, Window is here as a two-minute etching of the sensitivity and sweetness Still Woozy always brings in tow. And with Summer also tied to its release, more is surely to come in the wake, hopefully to soundtrack the eventual end of these strange times.