Sultry, groovy, soul-singing, vibe engineer, Summertime Stories is back with his first release in more than a year. If you’re unfamiliar with SS but find yourself a fan of R&B and electronic fusion, low-fi production, or simply innovative music, you’re in for a treat. If you’re already a fan, then you know how momentous this new release is.


Summertime Stories has been inconsistently releasing music for something like a half-decade, and although his inconsistency and bold experimentation have kept him largely out of the limelight, he boasts a hardcore cult following drawn to his unique sound. It’s this sound that has also kept him a strong force on the direction of modern R&B, with new artists seeming to strive for sounds reflecting his own every day.


Oceans falls in line with the rest of his canon. Daring, melodic, intriguing, and sexy as his clean vocals effortlessly bleed in and out of grungy, hypnotic production, Oceans is exactly the track needed for a more defined Summertime Stories rise at a time when electronic experimentation in R&B is more revered than ever. More than anything, we’re just happy to be blessed with more of his beautiful music.

Listen to Oceans on his Soundcloud page below