There could be no description more apropos than the naming and hashtagging utilized by Sunni Colón on his most recent release, Technicolor: #ArtRock. The Parisian who successfully embodies a French movement of hyper-artistically endowed productions, has nothing short of a long history with a rather artsy, left-of-center approach. 


Perhaps you’ve heard Little Things, Sunni’s most globally renowned jam produced by fellow purveyor of the auditory art scene, KAYTRANADA. Perhaps you haven’t heard him at all. But when you do listen, you’ll know why artis so especially fitting of his texture. 


Similar to French producer, Crayon’s earlier 2018 EP, Post Blue in its artistically inclined experimentation that finds itself somewhere between mellow vocals and dynamic instrumentation, Technicoloris an exposé of Sunni’s wholesome musical ability. 


Similar to French hip-hop artist, Gracy Hopkins’ February release, For Everyone Around Rage, Sunni’s new single paints a floaty, effervescent landscape of its interpretive explorations.


Comparisons aside, Technicolor is a warm explosion of unique, auditory psychedelia that stretches a hand from the bold mind of Sunni Colón to any listener looking for a new song to which to elevate their feet and contemplate the world in all of its glorious color.