The Illusive Sunni Colón Returns with Immersive Two-Pack of Singles 

 Evan Dale // Sep 29, 2020 

Fresh off the press of Sunni Colón’s experimental mind come two new singles fit with the glistening mystère the world has grown accustomed to waiting for during his oft-long bouts of radio silence. His first singles of 2020 are Penny For Your Thoughts & Slip n Slide, and per his aesthetic, they’re both vibrantly different and worth the wait.


First, Penny For Your Thoughts is a meditative composition of kaleidoscoped instrumental bouts and the to-be expected silk of Sunni’s understated, echoey vocal layering. Playing on for nearly seven minutes, interwoven with a constantly fluctuating orchestra of jazzy key riffs, effervescent chimes, guitar, and vocal accompaniment, Penny For Your Thoughts is a bold, immersive jam worthy of any moments brimming with positive psychedelia and introspection.


Second, Slip n Slide takes a similar instrumental line, and merges into it an experimentally, jazz-timed line of verse and overlaid vocals until a mosaic of each addition to the track blooms with its own explosive identity.


Hopefully with the two singles at hand, Sunni Colón is working towards a larger project that, like 2018’s Satin Psicodelic, couls come to define a moment in music history not tethered to any music of the past or any direct styling, but exist as more of the same raw, indefinable musicianship that he continues to deliver.