Sy Ari Da Kid Drops Wide-Ranging Mixtape, '3 To 5 Business Days' 

 Evan Dale // Oct 10 2020 

In the wake of one of 2020’s most surprising projects, A Toxic Heartbreak, Atlanta’s oft-indefinable Sy Ari Da Kid is back on his wave with another emotion and melody strewn collection. 3 To 5 Business Days comes as a further exploration of a vocally dominated direction that he’s been driving with recent drops. But, instead of fervently adhering to the melody like he did with A Toxic Heartbreak, the new project is a more wide-ranging, all-encompassing glimpse into his larger artistry. A drop not culminating the end of a chapter but meandering within several existing artistic versions of himself. From track to track, the overarching aesthetic of 3 To 5 Business Days, feels pulled in 3 to 5 directions, yet under the steady umbrella of Sy Ari’s knack for every corner of his sound, feels tethered akin.


For fans of his more recent R&B edge, check out leading single, Are You Happy, along with Betrayal and Knives In My Back. For fans of his established knack for lyricism in hip-hop, listen to We Outside, Uptempo, and Use Your Imagination. But most importantly, regardless of your reasoning for being a fan of Sy Ari Da Kid, give all of 3 To 5 Business Days a listen, because from one corner of his artistry to another come a lot of differences, but also a lot of transcendent similarities.