R&B Refined Sy Ari Da Kid Drops 11th Hour Relationship Single, 'Are You Happy' 

 Evan Dale // Sep 24, 2020 

On the heels of what can only be described as the least expected R&B masterpiece of the year, A Toxic Heartbreak, Sy Ari Da Kid is back with another emotive, subtle ballad rendered genially middle grounded by his multi-tiered stylistic background. A firm, undeniably adept rapper and vocalist at this point in his career, Sy Ari has been fluidly transcending them both lately, leaving the direction in his music not to genre, but to emotion.


Are You Happy is a mellow exploration of the long term relationship in its 11th hour, and per the vocally effervescent lane being driven by Sy Ari, the single feels like a refined, perfected grey area somewhere between prior versions of himself, and a sound only ever really perfected by Toronto’s PND-led darkwave of R&B. But purely the making of the Atlanta transcendentalist, Are You Happy is instead another emotive moment of bliss turned silky sonic texture for the lovers of R&B, and simply for the lovers.