Boston Duo, Tall Heights Deliver Emotive Ballad, Under Your Skin 

 Evan Dale // Dec 30, 2019 


Boston-rooted indie duo, Tall Heights have a sound that’s uniqueness is born of two vocalists, instrumentalists, and producers working in harmony, sure, but also in juxtaposition of one another. With a live career opening for a smattering of names that helps to paint a vibrant picture of just how wide-ranging and indefinable their lane really is – Ben Folds, CAKE, Judah & the Lion, Colony House – they’ve since gone in to find their own following and explode into the forefront of their own tour. In a year defined by single releases, Tall Heights subsequently end 2019 with another. 


Under Your Skin is an emotive, immersive, understated single built on wavering keystrokes, soft guitar, and fanning choral progressions. It’s gentleness, rooted in the deliveries of both vocalists and an accompanying female collaborator, is defining of their steady direction. Heading into 2020, it looks like another project may be on the way, as well as stacked North American tour. So, if you’re looking for new music, catch them live, and let their new single get Under Your Skin as more is certainly on the way sooner than later.