Whether arranging a well-defined verse or intoning a soothing chorus, modern multi-dimensionalist, Tavi Montelle always finds his way back to the center built on mellow production and drowsy weekend vibes. It’s not easy to pinpoint his wide-ranging sound, and to be honest, that’s his charm. He’s unpredictable. Even in the midst of a track, his flow, his delivery, his underlying style shifts and adjusts without warning. Yet, he never seems to lose his balance.


His most recent set of singles, Outside Of Time and Mo Plans are a newcomer’s clinic to his sung rap style. Throughout their durations, Montelle weaves and bobs between slow, simmering R&B vocals and a more quickly placed, bouncy hip-hop cadence, kept in touch by a low-key jazz-inspired production style worthy of the modern, mellow pop sphere. 


Any fan of the undertone blending of hip-hop, soul, and funk elements will find their tastes warmly welcomed by his style that can be described as a sleepy take on modern transcendentalists like Anderson .Paak.