After 6 Months, teddybear Returns to the Bread & Butterflies Path

 Evan Dale // April 28, 2019 

teddybear - i hate myself more than you

Following a myriad of single releases in 2018, Toronto’s teddybear has gone through an interim hiatus. That all ended yesterday when – in the first time in more than six months – he continued his long, arduous, and emotion-ridden journey towards Bread & Butterflies, a conceptual Alice In Wonderland project that through a year and six tracks has slowly been drawn in the kind of whirlwind, thought-provoking manner that would make Lewis Carrol proud. Resting on a foundation of high-caliber production by way of not one, not two, but four apparently complimentary sources – Ricky Anthony, Hudson Alexander, Tülpa, and Convenience – teddybear picks up off right where he left off with Agnosia.


His signature blend of Warped Tour era alt rock, boombap influence, and emotive hip-hop ties together the track with a tether of painful, heartbroken poetry and high-fidelity low energy. It’s a short delivery, and one with the type of unstable title, I hate myself more than you ever could, that makes us hope everything is well in Toronto. 


Towards Bread & Butterflies.