“It’s going to be a sad summer”




There aren’t many words that we feel would add to such a prognosis, other than a simple, unfair truth: sadness is relative. We’re sorry about the heartbreak so clearly underlining the pain in your music Mr. teddybear. We really are. But we hope it brings you a semblance of comfort to know that your newest release, Memories Change, as emotionally-charged and ridden with relatable loss as it may be, is a moment of exaltation for the music world.


It’s a sad truth of the emotionally downtrodden, that generally speaking, their creative endeavors undertaken beneath the most smothering of grey clouds often yield the most bold and beloved results. The pain in their work shines through and acts as a point of relatability and release for their listeners, who in turn are at least partially purged of their unnecessarily negative psyches. 


Undoubtedly, Memories Change is a track of such nature. Teddy’s angst-driven, lyrically-profound delivery pulls the track into a state of unexpectedly deep, dark thought; fellow Toronto MC, HUSH, provides his own emotionally challenging verse; and the hypnotic, tantalizing production of Joshua Heflinger ties it all together with a thread woven of a deep bassline and mysterious key strokes. 


Memories Change is the third single release leading up to teddybear’s much anticipated forthcoming album, Bread & Butterflies, so keep your head on a swivel because though the project doesn’t have a date yet, teddybear’s dark releases continue to brighten our summer.