Cover Art : @jazzyross

We’ve spoken on it before, and we’ll happily do it again – Toronto’s teddybear is in possession of an emotionally relatable knack for songwriting and storytelling rarely paralleled in the modern sphere of music. In a heavy buildup towards his forthcoming album, Bread & Butterflies, teddybear has released his fourth concurrent single, Not in a car! The track, which features production from a consistent source, friend and frequent collaborator Hudson Alexander, is expectedly deep and emotionally stirring in ways particularly reminiscent of pop punk band ballads and downtempo modern hip-hop tracks. 


Heartbreak, honesty, and blunt openness are undoubtedly emerging themes on the Bread & Butterflies construct – something that Teddy touched on when we spoke to him about the project: 


“I’m really excited to show people this. But at the same time, this project is so personal. A lot of the pause on it has been just to make sure that it’s being done the right way. It’s a very honest project.”


In all consideration, Bread & Butterflies, though still unreleased in full, has already taken on a relatable identity and inspired a heartfelt following seen so simply and eloquently in the army of butterfly emojis swirling in each single’s wake. It seems clear that the fandom of the indefinable crossover sphere is being swiftly quenched by the emotional breadth and boldness of Teddy’s approach. 

If you're interested in teddybear's music and forthcoming album, make sure to check out our exclusive interview with the Toronto artist below.